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1/2 Hour Pilots

I HATE IT HERE- about a failed actress who has to move home before rebuilding her career. 

*2020 ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship Finalist

*2022 Developed by Story27 Productions

SECOND SHIFT- about a black female realtor who is single while being coached through dating with her gynecologist male best friend. 

THAT LIFE- about frenemies battle it out on social media while both using their popularity and sexiness to get attention from guys

1 Hour Pilots

MATRIARCHS- about a 15 year old black girl leading her family of women, set in the 99-2000's

RAINMAKER-  about a black woman who rips millions off the US government. 

Spec Scripts

ATLANTA- HE'S NOT COMING-A flashback to Van’s adolescence, where her experience with her father lays the groundwork for the relationship she creates years later with Earn. 

INSECURE-As the city of LA responds to the racial injustice pandemic of 2020, Issa takes Lawrence on a farewell tour via the filming locations of his favorite movie, Menace to Society.


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