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written/directed/produced by Tiffany Black

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I am reimagining the narrative around Florida as a nucleus of culture, humanity, and art. 


I am challenging the stigmas that haunt the Sunshine State I've always called home. I examine the intricacies that construct culture exclusive to St. Petersburg, Florida. I reflect on my late grandmother’s contribution to my plight as a woman, my perspective as an artist, and my engagement in society. 



I LOVE IT HERE is steeped in pride and glazed with hope. Should viewers extract anything, it is the gratitude shared by Floridians for their experience. They know the truth: Florida is the entrance into America for many. It’s both the finale of a good life for those in retirement and the inauguration of the American Dream for those arriving from other countries. Florida reflects promise. Florida represents hope. Florida is art. 


written/directed/produced by Tiffany Black

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My hope is that Fluoxetine will celebrate the various forms of commitment, mark our shortcomings in achieving balance despite the desperate attempts to present perfection through social mediums, serve as an anti-depressant for those who have lost hope in finding their ideal life partner, and most importantly, find the beauty in life wherever we are on our walk through it.

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